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Brekeke CCS Redundancy 1 : Active - Standby for DR

In this DR concept, with DNS record change, switchover primary and secondary site.


Note: Brekeke CCS version 2.7.8 or later is required.




Step 1. Install Brekeke Products

Brekeke PBX : Brekeke PBX Installation >>

Brekeke CCS (CIM,CRM,CA, and RFS) : Brekeke CCS Installation >>

After installation and you finish the license activation, move to the step 2.


Step 2.  Configure replication on Brekeke PBX

Using “Auto Sync” function, setup replication of Brekeke PBX.

 Brekeke PBX :  Set up Brekeke PBX Auto Sync >>


Step 3. Configure database replication for Brekeke CCS (CIM, CRM, CA, and RFS)

By using replication feature of MySQL, all CCS data of the primary site is replicated to the databases in the secondary site.

Setup replication on MySQL  for DR>>


Step 4. Setup CCS on each location.

  • Initialize DB
  • Establish application connectivities

Example: Application Connectivities>>


Step 5. Setup Hearbeat on secondary site

On the secondary site, setup a heartbeat function of Brekeke PBX that will monitor primary site. And configure the following 2 actions.

  • Change secondary system status from “Standby” to “Active”.
  • Update the DNS record that represents service domain to point out secondary system.

Setup Heartbeat for failover CCS >>



Synchronize recording files of RFS.

Brekeke doesn’t provide the feature to synchronize the physical recording files between primary and secondary site.

By using copy function of OS or Storage, the recording files are needed to be synchronized.


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