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Minor version update

How to perform a minor update of Brekeke SIP Server?


Note 1 : For a major upgrade from v2 to v3, visit Upgrade Brekeke SIP Server from v2 to v3 for instruction.

Note 2 : Updating to v3.9.5.8 or later may require Java and web server (tomcat) upgrade. Before updating the Brekeke products, check the system requirements to see if you need to update them. The instruction for the update can be found at the link below:
Steps to upgrade to Java 11 or later


Follow the steps below to update the Brekeke SIP Server:

  1. Download Brekeke SIP Server’s update file from our download page
  2. Open Brekeke SIP Server Admintool, and login
  3. From [MAINTENANCE] > [Software Maintenance] > [Back up] page, click on the [Back up] button.
  4. From [MAINTENANCE] > [Software Maintenance] > [Software update] page, browse the file you have downloaded and upload “sip.war” file and upload.
  5. Restart the Brekeke SIP Server machine


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